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Does Your Business Need Third Party Security Products?

There are so many third-party security products that we can use in our business to help protect against cybercrime. But indeed, the more products we use, the more risk our company has… Right?  So many companies offer individual and different security products that we often need to figure out where to start!  Many of these …

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Cyber Security

The Onion

So, you’ve heard of the NIST cyber security framework, the CIS cyber security framework, and Cyber Essentials; but have you ever heard of… The Onion?! The onion cyber security framework might change how you think about cyber security in your business.  Cybersecurity can be a bit of a daunting thing for small businesses. So many …

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Server 2012 R2

Server 2012 R2 End Of Life

The countdown has begun… In October 2023, Windows Server 2012 R2 becomes end of life.  So, what does this mean for your business, and should you be worried? The first question is – Does your business still run servers within your office? Over the past couple of years, a huge shift of businesses have pulled …

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7 ways to secure your windows computer

7 Ways To Secure Your Windows Computer

This blog is going to be about seven different ways that you can secure your windows computer. The advice applies if you’re a home user or a business user. Cyber Crime is one of today’s significant threats; with everything rapidly moving online, there is also the massive threat of criminals online. Cyber Criminals pick on …

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Apple Vs Microsoft for Business

When it comes to business, which companies’ devices are the best – Apple or Microsoft? Apple has always aimed their products toward the home market rather than work and businesses, where Microsoft is the standard. Those businesses that do fact use Apple lean more towards the creative side of the business world, such as graphic …

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