Cyber Essentials Consultancy

Why choose the Cyber Essentials scheme?

This scheme is suitable for companies who have no cyber security in place other than basic antivirus software or are concerned that their existing system is not robust enough to offer full protection. With the onset of GDPR, all businesses need to be sure that they protect client and staff data, which means that ignoring your cyber security (or lack of it) is not a good idea.  Hefty fines follow security breaches and data losses as well as potential loss of reputation.  Because we understand good cyber security hygiene and what is required to put in place controls, the Cyber Essentials Scheme is popular with many clients.

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How does the Cyber Essentials scheme work?

Simple and effective, it enables businesses to protect themselves against cyber threats, showing that they are proactive when it comes to security. Choose from two levels:

Cyber Essentials Basic

This involves a self-assessment of your current protection. Technical in nature, we are happy to do this on your behalf. You will then be shown how to improve your security to prevent common attacks.

Cyber Essentials Plus

The Plus scheme builds on the Basic certification and involves an external audit delivered by an IT security professional. This Plus is highly thought of because your IT system are independently checked

We understand what it takes to develop your infrastructure as well as technical and organisational controls to make cyber security incidents a thing of the past.

"Integral IT support us with our Cyber Essentials Plus certification and we are happy knowing that our systems are safe and secure for us and our clients."
Sonja Brown
Director, VoicePower

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Protecting your organisation from the onslaught of cyber-attacks is no longer something that can be ignored. Secure the future operations of your business via our Cyber Essentials Scheme and know that you are complying with all GDPR legal and regulatory demands. Talk to us and let’s work together to eradicate cyber-crime and protect your business.

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