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Getting into the cloud needn't give you a headache. We provide secure cloud access without the stress

Getting into the cloud doesn’t mean that you need an extended reach! The team at Integral IT know all there is to know about the cloud and a whole lot more. As reliable Microsoft partners, we provide a range of flexible and secure cloud-based options to suit your business. And because our cloud consultancy service is bespoke to match your organisational needs, you don’t need to worry about wasting your time or money.

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Secure, reliable and flexible

It’s easy to see why the cloud is so popular. It provides all you need in terms of security, reliability and flexibility, without the need for expensive hardware or technological expertise. Once you’re in the cloud, your IT services are just a click of a key away. Anyone anywhere with secure access can retrieve and store data. Collaboration between employees is improved, as is your business communication. Sales and customer service departments can speak to clients whilst being fully informed, foregoing the need to pass callers from department to department. As your service offering improves, so does your business success.

Customer concerns

Yet whilst the benefits of the cloud are well observed, customers come to us regularly with a list of worries:


How do we move our data and business systems to the cloud?


Which cloud services will be the best fit for our business in terms of technology, budget and need?


What about cloud migration? How can valuable and confidential data be relocated with minimal disruption and risk?


How will our staff know how to use the new cloud-based system?

We have the answer to every question and the solution to each problem. Once we’ve evaluated your current IT setup we’ll devise a bespoke cloud-based option via our cloud consultancy service that is a perfect match for your business. Our team will provide you with details of the cloud migration and implementation process as well as expert guidance to ensure you avoid any pitfalls.

"We have been with these guys for a while and we're utterly charmed by their engagement with us and their support of our business. IT stuff is a minefield, it can wrap you up in chains but we've had the support and advice to forget about the infrastructure and focus on what we do as a business."
Philip Atkinson
Director, Orbit Architects
"We required file sharing, communications and accounting software in our UK office and making it accessible 24/7 by our global sales team. Integral provided a comprehensive plan and executed the plan within our aggressive schedule. Their ongoing service support team is responsive and professional."
Harold Clemens
Director, Polyjohn

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Getting to the cloud may sound difficult but it’s not. By providing your business with a perfect cloud-based solution, security, access and reliability are all guaranteed. Chat with us today and take the first step towards making your business cloud-based.

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