Cyber Security Services

Ignore Cyber Security at your peril

The new cyber criminals are more sophisticated than ever. Small businesses and not just large corporations are seen as easy pickings. Once they gain access to your network, your business and its reputation can be obliterated. 

Secure, reliable and flexible

But such a complex threat doesn’t have to be thwarted by an intricate solution, or an expensive one. Our cyber security services protect your business effectively and efficiently. Check out the various options available:

Cyber Essentials Scheme

Is your cyber security protection close to zero? Tap into the resources of this scheme and we will provide our recommendations on how you can comply with our Basic or Plus Cyber Essentials Scheme according to your budget.

Cyber Security Audit

Are you confident that your business could withstand a sophisticated cyber-attack? Select this audit and we examine your current setup, providing you with a report as to how it can be improved.

Cyber Security Service

Our Managed IT Support plans are inclusive of cyber security. We can also offer managed firewalls, robust security software, managed backup, encryption and multi-factor authentication.

Cyber Awareness Training

The weakest link in your business could be anyone using a computer. With cyber-attacks becoming so advanced, if your staff are not cyber security trained, the door is wide open for an assault. Prevent this by making use of our weekly bite-sized cyber security training, suitable for everyone in your organisation from administrative staff through to management.

"It’s imperative that our business is fully protected. It’s not just the financial impact of IT downtime, but the unquantifiable cost to our reputation.”
Richard Bright
Managing Partner, Murray Harcourt
"Integral IT support us with our Cyber Essentials Plus certification and we are happy knowing that our systems are safe and secure for us and our clients."
Sonja Brown
Director, VoicePower

Cyber Security Tips

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Lots of us now spend at least some of the time working from home. How secure is it working remotely? In this video, we’ll give you 12 tips for secure remote working. 

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The weakest link in your cyber defenses are the people using the computers. Everyone in your business needs cyber awareness training. 

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Cyber Security for your business can be a confusing. In this video, we break down the top tips to ensure your business stays cyber secure. 

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Passwords are a problem for most people. We have too many of them to remember and so we choose easy ones. Easy for hackers to guess them! The answer? A password manager. 

Other IT Services

IT Support

Our Managed IT support services will help keep your business IT systems purring

Cloud Services

Are you getting the best out of your existing cloud services? Our cloud consultancy service will help

Infrastructure Services

We will take care of all your IT infrastructure; hardware, software and security

Talk to us

We are the only Cyber Essentials Practitioner that you will ever need. Our services have been carefully created to provide a one-stop cyber security shop. Get in touch, tell us what’s worrying you and we’ll come up with a solution.

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