IT Support for Financial Services

Tap into advanced and sophisticated IT support tools

Financial services companies require specialist IT support from a firm that understands their specific needs. Your data, security and IT infrastructure all need to be covered by one service umbrella and that’s what the team at Integral IT do best.

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Uniquely created

We support many financial firms with a range of IT support services that are uniquely created to suit their business, whilst being cost-effective and reliable. With years spent operating within this particular sector, we can provide support for any kind of company that deals with financial services. Data protection and cyber security are treated as a priority and we use the most advanced and sophisticated tools and software to provide a comprehensive offering.


Protecting your data in accordance with GDPR and prioritising cyber security


Putting in place a disaster recovery programme


Backing up all information and data


Ensuring that your IT infrastructure is robust


Keeping all licenses up-to-date

In addition, many of our financial service clients like to use Microsoft 365 Business Premium software as this has inbuilt threat protection and advanced security. You decide who has access to the system and can monitor mobile devices attached to the network. This is something that we can provide too, knowing that Microsoft 365 for financial service companies is a great choice.

"We have worked with Integral IT for a number of years now and they have provided a great support for our Financial Planning Business. They look after all of our IT needs and have helped us navigate to remote working and a move to over to SharePoint. The support team always respond quickly to any queries that we raise and the ticket system that they operate is a great way for us to be able to keep track of where we are with any queries raised. Its good to know that our IT and systems are in safe hands to protect us and our clients."
Sarah Elson
Director, Berry & Oak

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If you would like to know more about how Integral IT works with financial service operations, do get in touch. Not only will your IT system be fully protected but business performance will be boosted.

You’ve undoubtedly heard all the horror stories about ransomware and its detrimental consequences on businesses. What would happen if I told you that you could protect yourself from ransomware for free with Windows 11? 

Ransomware is a type of malware that encrypts all of the data once installed on your computer system. Once your data is encrypted, you won’t be able to access anything. Your files/folders and applications will all be encrypted and unavailable. The only way you can get your data back is by getting the encryption key from the Cybercriminal by paying a hefty ransom. Nobody wants to do that. 

There are many ways that you can reduce the risk of getting ransomware. As we said in one of our previous blogs, Cyber Security is like an Onion. All of the different layers of security help to protect you. 

So, what can you do? 

First, using extreme caution when opening attachments within an email, please ensure all your applications and computers are always kept up to date. 

An excellent Backup in place will help you recover your data without having to deal with the ransom payment and Cybercriminal. 

Another method You could use is a feature in Windows 10 or 11 called Controlled Folder Access and it is totally free!

This works by protecting certain folders against Ransomware, so only truste applicants can access the data within the folders. You decide which folders you want to protect against ransomeware. If you were to become victim to a ransomware attack, hypothetically it should not be able to affect these files and folders. 

However, take this advice with a pinch of salt. Turning controlled folder access on can prevent some applications from working. How do we turn it on? 

When you’ve opened your windows computer the first step is to get into the security center. This is done by Settings>Windows Security>Open Windows Security. 

Windows security has a lot of protection modules, we want the ‘virus & Threat Protection’

At the base of this page,  you will find that there is a ‘Ransomeware Protection’ section where you can go into the Ransomeware Protection Manager. There is then the option to switch on or off Controlled Folder Access. More option will then appear.  Looking at the protected files,  we can see all of the visible folders are protected against ransomware. We can then add folders to this by clicking ‘+ Add Protected Folder’ and selecting it. 

You can also unblock applications and remove them from Controlled Folder Access and add it to the ‘allowed’ list. 

That is how to turn your Ransomware protection on with Windows 10 or 11. We hope this blog has been useful to you. 




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