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How to use Microsoft to do

The ULTIMATE Microsoft To Do Tutorial

How do you handle your to-do lists? Do you write tasks on scraps of paper? Or do you pop them in a notebook? Perhaps you have a digital application such as Todoist!  If you’re a Microsoft 365 user, you already pay for a task management system! It is called Microsoft To Do.  We all have

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Zero Trust Holy Grail

Is Zero Trust Security The Holy Grail OF Cyber Security?

USA president, Joe Biden, thinks that Zero Trust is the way to go in your cyber security journey, but, what is Zero Trust, and what does it mean for your business?  When it comes to your business, I’m sure you’ve got a strategy in place for how you’re going to win new business, market your

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New Stronger MFA

NEW Stronger MFA For Microsoft 365: Number Matching

On the 27th of February, Multi-Factor Authentication got even stronger.  Authentication refers to the process in which you prove you are exactly who you say you are. This is common with online accounts – the software wants to ensure it’s actually you, and so in most cases, will ask for a username and password. As

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Our 4-Point Action Plan To Beat Ransomware

How did the cybercriminal escape the police? He Ransomware! Ransomware is a type of malware that gets onto your computer and scrambles up all of your data and information. This is then encrypted so that you cannot access it.  Many types of ransomware have been built by cybercriminals to spread like a disease between computers,

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Our 12 Favourite Microsoft 365 Security Features

Within this blog, I will be discussing the 12 built-in security tools for Microsoft 365 that every small business should be using. Microsoft 365 offers some excellent features in their plans regardless of if you are on a high-level plan or low, but unfortunately, many companies that use Microsoft 365 do not utilise the security

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The Microsoft 365 Gear System

The Microsoft 365 Gear System: getting the most out of your Microsoft 365 Does your business use Microsoft 365? If so, are you getting the most out of your investment? Microsoft 365 is used by over 1 million businesses worldwide, but from our experience, most companies just are not using it to its full potential. In

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