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How to Send Secure Attachments without Email

The very foundation of an IT network is to be able to share information with colleagues, partners and customers. A core component in this is email. However, email by design is not very secure. Although our trusty email applications have come along way since they were...

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CryptoLocker: what is it?

The world of computers and the internet has a funny way of imitating life, as it applies to crime. Computer analogues of living crime steal and extort money. capture, kidnap things of value and threaten your very cyber existence. These extortion virus run on Windows...

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Leading New Business Technology in 2017

Each year brings new gadgets and technology to the business world. Even if you can't personally use all of these technologies, it's in your best interest to know about them. You want to know about ways to deliver your products more efficiently, improve conversions,...

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Getting Started With Dropbox

Welcome to my Dropbox Tutorial - my getting started guide. Dropbox is an incredibly useful cloud storage tool which can keep your precious files, folders and photographs safe and secure in the cloud. You can register for Dropbox for free by using the Dropbox Basic...

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