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Why NOT to use GoDaddy as your Microsoft 365 provider

GoDaddy’s attractive prices for Microsoft 365 may tempt you into getting the services provided through them. However, in this blog, I will discuss three reasons why you shouldn’t be buying your M365 via GoDaddy. One of the first things people do when starting a business is look for a domain name. During your research, you

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Best Gadgets And Apps For Summer 2022

As the summer holidays approach, you need the best gadgets and tech to ensure any trips away are the best they can be. In this blog, I will be discussing our top 10 recommendations for the holidays. Here in the UK, our school holidays have just hit, and many people are preparing for a trip

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Why You Need Microsoft 365 Backup

Why You Need to Back Up Your Microsoft 365 Data

Worldwide over a million businesses are using Microsoft 365. This data is stored in Microsoft’s ‘cloud’ data centres. Microsoft owns around 200 data centres worldwide, some of which are in the UK. These data centres have many additional servers, power and internet connections, and tight security. So, What About Backing Up? Before Microsoft 365 and

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7 ways to secure your windows computer

7 Ways To Secure Your Windows Computer

This blog is going to be about seven different ways that you can secure your windows computer. The advice applies if you’re a home user or a business user. Cyber Crime is one of today’s significant threats; with everything rapidly moving online, there is also the massive threat of criminals online. Cyber Criminals pick on

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Integral IT - What is Cyber Essentials and how can it benefit my accountancy firm?

What is Cyber Essentials and how can it benefit my accountancy firm? 

Cyber Essentials is a scheme backed by the government devised specifically to help businesses better defend themselves from cyber-attacks. It was introduced by the National Cyber Security Centre in 2014 and recently updated in 2022; it’s a simple but effective set of protocols to defend your organisation better. By gaining Cyber Essentials, businesses of any

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Apple Vs Microsoft for Business

When it comes to business, which companies’ devices are the best – Apple or Microsoft? Apple has always aimed their products toward the home market rather than work and businesses, where Microsoft is the standard. Those businesses that do fact use Apple lean more towards the creative side of the business world, such as graphic

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