The Microsoft 365 Gear System


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The Microsoft 365 Gear System: getting the most out of your Microsoft 365


Does your business use Microsoft 365? If so, are you getting the most out of your investment? Microsoft 365 is used by over 1 million businesses worldwide, but from our experience, most companies just are not using it to its full potential. In fact, most businesses only use their 365 licences for Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. This is massively wasting our businesses money. 

This is why we have developed the Integral IT Microsoft 365 Gearbox System

Imagine that your business was a car driving down the Microsoft 365 freeway in 5th gear with cruise control, That’s the ideal situation, right? 

Well, most businesses are using their Microsoft in 1st gear! 

If you are wondering what on earth we are talking about, let me explain…

Each gear is a different stage of your Microsoft 365 adoption. 

1st Gear


This gear is all about Using Microsoft 365 basics such as Word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint. This is a necessary first step however, you can get s much more out of the product!

2nd Gear


Turning it up a notch, Moving your business onto the Microsoft 365 cloud means that your office space isn’t taken up by a physical server as well as being able to access your information at any time while keeping your data secure. 

3rd Gear


This is where Cyber Security comes into play. 

Cyber security is critical to all businesses. Although becoming cyber secure is costly, it is much more expensive to be a victim of an attack. Recovery is costly in terms of money and reputation., Microsoft 365 comes with various tools to help keep your business secure, so why are businesses not utilising it?

One of the Microsoft 365 tools can even reduce your chances of a cyber attack by 99.9%. 

4th Gear


By now, we’ve included email in your Microsoft 365, you’re using all the office applications, removed all servers from your business, and you’ve implemented good cyber security. 

5th Gear


Once your business reaches this point, You really are in cruise control. 5th gear is the dream scenario for any business. Here, we implement the Power Platform! This allows you to take your deep understanding of your business and industry to automate, simplify and customize your business processes. It allows you to do more with less and turbo boosts your business growth.

That is the Integral IT Microsoft 365 Gearbox System. If you want to know more, start by downloading your FREE PDF guide at

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