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...and one simple setting that can prevent 99.9% of identity cyber attacks

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Driving a Ferrari in 1st gear might be fun at first, but eventually you’ll want to use the other gears. Find out how by downloading today

Migrate Email

Moving into 1st gear is a substantial first step. You will most likely use Microsoft 365 for Email and the Office productivity system.

No Servers

2nd gear is about moving your files and folders into Microsoft 365 using OneDrive and SharePoint. You'll be able to work anywhere without clunky remote access.


3rd gear is all about security. Microsoft 365 contains all of the security tools that your business needs to evade a cyber attack. But few businesses implement the security that they're paying for.


In 4th gear, your business will have an infrastructure built entirely around Microsoft 365. This will include your telephone system and your business processes.

Super Charge

Not many businesses reach 5th gear, but the advancements are unimaginable. You'll be getting the best out of your technology investments.

It's so refreshing to work with an IT team who have a "can-do" attitude. I love it when you guys push the boundaries for what can be done with Microsoft 365. Our recent review of our licensing has saved the business over 21% in annual costs and increased our security. And best of all, you have shown us how to automate and create apps quickly and easily. This has had a massive impact on our business.
Tim Jackson
IT Manager, Jamesons Animal Feeds
Tim Jackson

Outlook, Word and Excel are just 20% of what you pay £199.20* per year for. Don't squander the remaining 80% of your investment.

*£199.20 is the price of a single Microsoft 365 Business Premium license.

Why choose Microsoft 365 for your digital transformation?

Why choose Integral IT for your digital transformation?

Integral IT - Team Photo Oct 2022
"The team at Integral have, as their name suggests, become an 'Integral' part of our business. They're always on hand to support with both basic IT issues and more complex large scale projects and infrastructure challenges."
Tom Ward
GC Motors

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