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How can Integral IT help your business?

Halifax has much to offer, having been the centre of woollen manufacturing since the 15th century.  Also known for its Mackintosh chocolate, Rolo and Quality Street, our engineers love paying the town a visit! 

We have many clients spread throughout the area of Halifax, and with our head office located on the outskirts of Harrogate, we are ideally situated to provide engineers when required.  

No matter why you need to talk to us – you may be thinking of changing IT providers, worried about the threat of cyber-attacks or simply wanting to upgrade your current systems, we can help.  We do this by getting to know your business, how well your current IT is working for you and identifying any concerns you may have about security or data protection.  If there are been new breakthroughs in IT that you would like to investigate applying to your business or you are rapidly outgrowing your current set-up, we will assist. 

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Our Managed IT Support Services

Most of the businesses we work with make use of our Managed IT Services contract. This is a great help to many businesses in Halifax as it enables them to tap into a collection of different IT services and software that we will manage – and all for a fixed monthly fee. This way, you always know what you will be paying and don’t have to worry about budgets.

You can reduce the costs of IT and the complexity by making use of our Managed IT Services contract; you will avoid the necessity of continually deploying, maintaining and upgrading as new technologies hit. Our team will take care of the management, upgrading and troubleshooting of all IT applications.

IT Projects

The sorts of IT project that we work on vary all of the time.  Varying in size and complexity, they enable clients within the Halifax area to make IT-related changes to their business. 

Quarterly Business Reviews

Are you used to sitting down with your IT provider each quarter and discussing how your IT is working for you and whether any changes need to be made?  No?  Then you need our assistance, delivered in the form of our Quarterly Business Review. 

Every quarter without fail, we will meet with you and discuss what’s going on within your business and how the IT service provided by us is meeting your needs.  This is the ideal time for you to tell us about any changes that are needed.  As new technology kicks in, we will analyse ways in which it can be made use of to improve things.  Our one goal is to build and maintain a long-lasting relationship with you and your business — our Quarterly Business Review makes sure that we do that. 

"It’s imperative that our business is fully protected. It’s not just the financial impact of IT downtime, but the unquantifiable cost to our reputation.”
Richard Bright
Managing Partner, Murray Harcourt
"Integral IT support us with our Cyber Essentials Plus certification and we are happy knowing that our systems are safe and secure for us and our clients."
Sonja Brown
Director, VoicePower

Talk to us

Whatever type of IT related assistance you need, we are here to provide it.  Get in touch with us today and find out how Integral IT can help.

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