IT Maintenance Services

Poorly maintained IT is a recipe for disaster

Just as you maintain your car and your home, so you need to maintain your IT services. Many companies fall into the trap of installing great IT and then forgetting about it.  They don’t think about maintenance until something bad happens and the lack of care turns around and kicks them where it hurts!

The heart of your business

For your company to thrive and do well, the heart of your business (the IT) needs to keep beating strongly. When an IT network is well maintained, it’s also more secure, protecting you from downtime and cyber-attacks.

Our Managed IT Support Service includes IT maintenance. It provides all that you will ever need to keep your systems running smoothly. Our IT Maintenance Service includes all of the following:

Software Updates

Most ransomware attacks occur because software updates have not been installed on your computers when available. Let us manage this for you, ensuring all are installed regularly and routinely.


If you do lose data due to a cyber-attack, backups are essential for recovering data. We will implement and manage all backups.

Security Updates

Just like the software updates, keeping devices secure is paramount to business health. We will ensure all security updates are installed regularly and routinely.

It should be clear by now that maintaining your software, security and backups is vital. As the old saying goes, prevention is better than cure (and a whole lot less expensive). Compare this to your car – drive it hard every day and never maintain it and one day something will go wrong. If you’re lucky, it could be something minor. Alternatively, the engine could blow up or you could be involved in an accident because of it. The damage is painful, expensive and eats into your time. Just like a badly maintained IT service.

"It’s imperative that our business is fully protected. It’s not just the financial impact of IT downtime, but the unquantifiable cost to our reputation.”
Richard Bright
Managing Partner, Murray Harcourt
"Integral IT support us with our Cyber Essentials Plus certification and we are happy knowing that our systems are safe and secure for us and our clients."
Sonja Brown
Director, VoicePower

Other IT Services

IT Support

We offer comprehensive IT support services to businesses around the UK

Cyber Security

All of our IT support packages include Cyber Security, support and solutions to keep your business protected

Cloud Computing

We have a bespoke cloud consultancy services to ensure your move to the cloud is successful

Talk to us

So the question is, “Are you feeling lucky?”  If not, you need to attend to your IT maintenance now! Get in touch today, let’s get talking and find out how our IT Maintenance Service can keep your business IT running smoothly.

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