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[EBOOK] Phishing…Don’t be easy bait!

It takes just one click on a dodgy email, and the hackers are inside your business

Scary thing is, they’re targeting the smartest people (including you)

You've probably heard of phishing attacks. But do you know what phishing actually means?

At its simplest, it's a hacker sending you an email, pretending to be someone else.

[EBOOK] 21 ways to help your staff get more done in less time

21 ways to help your staff get more done, in less time – with Office 365

They say time is money, and anyone who’s serious about Getting Things Done knows all about the importance of time management.

Most of us find ourselves struggling to keep up with our to-do lists, especially in this digital age of information overload.

Why 2 Factor Authentication is important

In the world of online business, keeping customers happy is the most important factor of all. While products and services need to be tailored with this sentiment in mind, you must not overlook the basic client needs. The concept of safety and security is their number one demand, which is why the right protocols must be followed in order to keep them protected.

Could Dual Monitors improve your productivity?

In a regular workplace environment, it isn’t unusual to see certain workers with two, three, even four screens. Does it make sense for the regular computer user or even employee to have more than one? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons so you can decide if having a dual monitor setup could increase your productivity.

[EBOOK] How to win the war against hackers…

Why Hackers are targeting businesses just like you!

Your business is at risk right now. Hackers are targeting all businesses, all day every day.

They look for any weakness they can exploit to get in and do damage. Or steal your money.

How do we know this? We're a local IT security company Integral IT.

And we see the devastating effects of hacking.

Is Windows or Mac better for your business?

A hot topic of debate at the moment amongst businesses is whether Windows or Mac is more effective. There are clear arguments for and against both and the jury is still out from many company’s perspectives. If you’re looking to invest in new business equipment or software and you’re still on the fence as to which rival platform is the highest performer, there are a number of different factors you need to consider.

[EBOOK] Proactive IT Support

You don’t want an IT support company that fixes problems. You want a partner that prevents them

We’ve written a new guide in human speak – not techno babble. And it answers the number one question our clients have asked us over the last few years:

“Why don’t we see you and your staff as much as we used to?”

That’s a great question.

[EBOOK] Upgrade your IT with Confidence

It’s essential to keep your IT infrastructure maintained – but lots of business owners struggle with what parts of their IT to upgrade and when to upgrade.

Lots of people put off upgrading for as long as possible. As business owners ourselves, we understand this approach; you try and get as much use out of a previous investment as possible.

What happens after Windows 7?

Windows 7 is now approaching its 10th birthday, and Microsoft has announced that it will become end-of-life (EOL) on 14th January 2020.

What will happen on 14th January 2020?
If you're using a Windows 7 computer after this date, then nothing visible will happen.