Does Your Business Need Third Party Security Products?

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There are so many third-party security products that we can use in our business to help protect against cybercrime. But indeed, the more products we use, the more risk our company has… Right? 

So many companies offer individual and different security products that we often need to figure out where to start! 

Many of these products have different purposes for their protection. Therefore, we could offer our clients many other companies and products. 

We believe in zero trust, so buying a product like Threat Locker would be excellent for devices. Heimdall could be used to protect us from malware. Managed Endpoint Dictation And Response is another growing popular service; We could use a product like ESentire to offer this service. 

What about DNS filtering? This is very good at preventing our clients’ computers from accessing malicious websites. Then there are passwords; people tend to use very basic passwords which are easy to guess, so using a password manager such as Keeper Security will help to improve their cyber security. 

We are also massive believers in Cyber Awareness Training. It is vital to train everyone who uses or has access to work devices on what to look for regarding security and cybercrime. A service such as KnowBe4 can help train staff using educational videos explaining risks and solutions. 

90% of cyberattacks originate from email, so we need to ensure that we have excellent email security. Hornet Security is a brilliant option for this. Still, the best way to protect your email from ransomware is an updated backup so that you can restore all of your data without paying any ransom.  Redstor is a great option to back up Microsoft 365. Devices must also be kept up to date to protect against ransomware. We recommend Ninja RMM for a patch management system.

As we are based in the UK, we advise our clients to go through the Cyber Essentials Framework, so buying a service like Cybersmart can help you achieve a Cyber Essentials Certification. 

The Dark web is where many people have their usernames and passwords sold to cyber criminals after a ransomware attack—getting a Dark Web monitoring service such as Trillion can monitor this. 

For our clients with physical offices, we will need a firewall to protect the data; WatchGuard firewalls can be installed. 

All of the products just mentioned are excellent at their jobs. But we are sure you can see where the issue lies. We cannot possibly manage all twelve Cyber Security Products. What’s the solution? Your business must reduce the number of security vendors that it uses. 

I have previously spoken about how Cyber Security is like an onion; it has many layers of security to it. However, too many layers of security will mean that your ability to manage each layer effectively will spiral. 

If you’re a Microsoft 365-using business, Microsoft has a Defender for Endpoint products. This is robust security software that can be installed on your computers and laptops. Microsoft also has a Product called defender for Office 365, an excellent Email security solution. Microsoft has also just announced that they are going into the backup market to back up your Microsoft 365 Platform. Microsoft also has simulated phishing attacks and cyber awareness training available. 

We are not just Microsoft crazy… Well, we might be. However,  we also agree that using other Cyber Security Products can benefit your business. Therefore, it is worth checking if Microsoft initially provided that service before finding a different company’s product. This way, the engineers within your business will be able to have some level of expertise. 

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