Your simple guide to Artificial Intelligence

You have probably heard the term Artificial Intelligence or AI mentioned a lot lately. Yet, you may be unsure regarding what it actually means. Fear not, though, as we have got you covered. In this blog post, we will provide you with a basic and simple introduction to Artificial Intelligence so that you can understand exactly what it is and how it will impact you.

Should you track your Employee’s Internet Usage?

If you’re an employer, you have an incentive to make sure that the time your employees spend at work is productive. But with the internet offering a seemingly endless source of entertainment, the way that your workers behave online could have a significant effect on your bottom line.

Why the Cloud is safer for your business

The cloud tends to be a common choice for businesses these days - many are moving their IT infrastructure as a way to provide better security, and enjoy the other benefits that the cloud can offer. Things like disaster recovery, ease of management, and archival are just a few benefits of using the cloud.

[EBOOK] 11 scary signs your business has been hacked

Has your business been hacked?

We all get frustrated with slow laptops, or when computers start doing strange things. But here’s another way to look at it…

What if your laptop is being slow… just because it’s been hacked? And in the background it’s doing lots of things for the hackers (which is why it can’t do things for you).

A really slow computer is one of the 11 scary signs your business has been hacked.

[EBOOK] 5 Clever Ways to use O365

Bet you didn’t know you could do that in Office 365?

What? Loads of stuff.

Microsoft Office 365 has all sorts of wonderful features.

And I’m willing to bet there are loads of them you don’t even know about. Which could work wonders for your team’s productivity levels.


Would your business pass the 3 beers test?

It’s a Thursday evening. You’ve travelled to meet some contacts, and had a great day.

The meeting is very productive, and turns into 3 beers and a meal. Great fun and the night quickly slips away from you.

[EBOOK] Are you using Whatsapp to discuss business?

WhatsApp is not a secure way to run your business. Here’s a better way

Do your staff use WhatsApp, to discuss company business?

That might seem secure, but it means you're not really in control of what data is where. How do you wipe company data from someone's WhatsApp when they leave the business?

There is a better tool - and you probably already have it.

[EBOOK] Malware in the Cloud

Cloud computing is great. But nowhere near as safe as you thought…

Cloud computing is amazing, isn’t it?

Where you can use software through your browser rather than having to download something. And access any data anywhere, on any device.

You might think that it’s really safe.