Apple Vs Microsoft for Business

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When it comes to business, which companies’ devices are the best – Apple or Microsoft? Apple has always aimed their products toward the home market rather than work and businesses, where Microsoft is the standard. Those businesses that do fact use Apple lean more towards the creative side of the business world, such as graphic design and web development. But is the world of IT changing? According to statistics, Microsoft has 90% ownership over business devices! With only 10% using Apple products.  Here are six key factors to consider when debating who’s devices to use within your business.

Quality of devices

The design of MACs is very modern and popular externally and in the software. Not only are MACs very aesthetically pleasing, but Apple is in complete control of their software and hardware; This means that their software only goes into their products, which are of a very high standard.  Microsoft, however, sells their operating system to companies such as DELL, HP and Lenovo. As a result, their software could go onto a very high-quality computer or a very low standard version.  Apple’s products are costly and do not offer a ‘cheap’ version of anything they make, so people may opt for a very cheap Windows PC which won’t last long rather than researching and finding one that is high quality. Therefore they may associate Microsoft with cheaper builds that don’t last as long as Apple’s high-quality devices. It does mean, however, that Microsoft is more widely used.  Here is an example of the cheapest Apple MAC And here is the cheapest Windows PC There is a massive quality difference, but with the big price difference, the windows are bought for convenience and necessity, and Apple is bought as a luxury.  Here is an example of a Windows PC that is equivalent to the MAC This is much more similar in price because you’re paying for a great quality computer, but many may feel like they may as well get a MAC if they’re spending so much as this is more expensive unless bought second-hand. 


There seems to be a large misconception that Windows devices are not secure and that Apple’s are; this is inaccurate because both need security software to protect them regardless of the device.  Malwarebytes’s 2020 ‘State of Malware Report’ said that the threats to Apple rose by 400% between 2018 and 2019. As well as this, Apple’s threats are 2 to 1 with Microsoft.  So, if you consider buying Apple products due to their supposed better security, don’t. It will only cause trouble. No matter the device, time, attention and funds must be invested into IT Security. 

Collaboration Software

One of the most significant factors you must consider is the productivity and communication suite you use for your business. Unfortunately, Apple has no productivity suite of its own like Microsoft does with Teams. Most Apple users turn to Google Suite as their collaboration software.  Changing the collaboration software that you are using is a big hassle and often not worth it. It is much better for you to stick to the one you have used previously.  Microsoft does work on Apple products. However, the is not much point in using the MAC as integrating will work much smoother if Microsoft is also the underlying operating system. They are designed to work together.  Google suite can be used over browsers for both Apple and Microsoft; however, it is found that Microsoft teams are much more popular than google suite, and Microsoft has a lot of applications that are incredibly easy to use. 


You also need to consider the applications used, and if they are compatible with the devices you use within the business.  For example, if your business is an accountancy firm or law firm, applications such as Sage accounting will not work.  To force sage to work while using a MAC, you would need to install the application into a remote server or Windows Azure Desktop, meaning your MAC would essentially become a connecting device that costs you around £1,000. That’s a costly connecting device.  You can use your Apple device if your applications are solely cloud-based and accessible over a web browser, such as Xero. You must therefore pay close attention to the applications your business uses. 

IT Support

We are all too familiar with this area here at Integral IT. you need to consider your IT support if your business is reasonably sized or going to scale up.  Since Microsoft dominates the business landscape, many IT technicians and engineers train in Microsoft and the applications that work with Microsoft software. As a result, finding an IT company that specialises in Apple is much more complex. However, when it comes down to fixing Apple’s products, an Apple employee usually offers support.  Apple may also take much more time to reach you and support your IT problems, whereas a local company can be with you faster, and you can form a relationship with them. 


Do you know which of your employees know how to use Apple? As it is not the IT software many people have worked with, many of your employees may not understand how to use MAC and may take a long time to figure MACs out. Many CEOs have rolled out MACs for their employees to switch to with little understanding that the employees can’t use them or do not understand the MAC systems.  Almost everyone with computer experience will understand how to use a Microsoft computer or PC, but this is not the same for Apple. 


We advise you to standardise wherever possible. Choosing which device you wish to use should be an overall decision. You cannot ‘mix and match’ Apple and Microsoft as it will only confuse and complicate your IT Systems. 

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