Cyber Security

64% of Cyber-Attacks happens to SME’s

Looking back 15-20 years, Cyber Security wasn’t even a thing. Today, Cyber Crime is now larger than all other forms of organised crime, combined.

It is the biggest single threat to your business.

But so many people still ignore. They bury their head in the sand. Many businesses have an attitude of “it won’t happen to us”. But that way of thinking could be catastrophic for your firm.


It’s imperative that our business is fully protected. It’s not just the financial impact of IT downtime, but the unquantifiable cost to our reputation.

Richard Bright, Managing Partner

Cyber-Crime is an easy way to make money

People have perceptions about Cyber Criminals. They think of government organisations or highly technical people. But, the reality is, Cyber Crime isn’t hard and anyone can do it. Did you know you can learn how to create ransomware on YouTube?

In the old days, people used to rob banks. But that is too high risk. You need a team of people and firearms. There is also a high risk of getting caught and sent to prison for a long time. But Cyber Crime is both low risk and highly lucrative.

If you still have doubts over the power of Cyber Crime and you have 10-mins to spare, please take the time to watch this video.


Protecting yourself and your business isn’t hard or expensive

Cyber Criminals target the vulnerable. They target people and businesses who haven’t implemented the right Cyber Security measures.

These measures are neither expensive nor complicated.

Cyber Security Services
from Integral IT

Integral IT are Cyber Security specialists. We believe that Cyber Security is like a jigsaw puzzle. Each piece of that jigsaw is a different tactic to protect your business.

Each missing piece of the jigsaw is a vulnerability and a way that hackers can target your business.

We make sure that your business always has the right pieces so you can stay protected.

Book a Cyber Security Assessment

Your business might have a relationship with an IT provider.

You might be delighted with the level of service you have.

But how do you know your business is secure?

As well as ongoing security services, Integral IT provides independent Cyber Security assessments for your business.

Depending on the size of your business, these assessments can take between one and five days and will give you the crucial insight into the security of your IT systems.


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1. We have a small business, do hackers want our data?



No, they don’t want your data. But they know you do! Your data is important to you.
It’s important enough that you would pay to get it back.

2. We use an IT company / have an IT department. They have us



This is blind faith. The truth is that most IT companies and IT departments are very busy fixing the
daily problems. They need help.

Often, they don’t have the time to implement and manage Cyber Security services.

Can you remember the huge NHS
ransomware attack in 2017?

It was caused because routine IT maintenance wasn’t done.

3. We use anti-virus software, so we’re protected.



Although anti-virus is undoubtedly is a piece of the jigsaw, there is no single bit
of hardware or software that will completely protect your business.

Take, for example, Ransomware. The majority of traditional anti-virus programs will
not protect your business from Ransomware.

4. We use Office 365 to run our business. Microsoft has a secure



Microsoft Office 365 is excellent for business. But it also needs additional, 3rd
party security and backup to complement its features.

Cybersecurity is a holistic approach.

Does Microsoft train your staff on how to spot phishing emails?

But it also needs additional, 3rd party security and backup to complement its

5. How do we get started with Cyber Security?



The most important thing is that you start.

Cyber Essentials is a government-backed
scheme which is aimed at providing businesses of all sizes with the tools it needs to stay protected
against primary cyber threats.

Integral IT are Cyber Essentials Practitioners and can guide you through the whole process of the

Once you have passed, you can show your customers and suppliers that you take Cyber Security

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