How To Create A Professional Email Signature

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How to create a professional email signature

We send so many emails every day to customers, prospects and partners but how much time do you put into thinking about the signature that appears at the end of every one of those emails?

Over the years I have realised that there are two problems related to email signatures.

Problem 1

The first problem is that we don’t always send emails when we’re sat in front of our computer. Instead we send an increasing amount of emails from smartphones and tablets and so our full, professional signature doesn’t get added to the email.

Problem 2

The second problem is that, in my experience, usually within a business each employee controls their signature from their Outlook. This means there may be a business with 25 users and everyone’s signature might be a little bit different.

The additional challenge here is that if you want to change the signature for any reason – perhaps you want to add details of an award the company has recently won – then you have to go into everyone’s Outlook to change it individually. It’s not a very efficient way of working.

The solution

So what is the answer to these problems? Well, the answer is a product call Exclaimer.

Exclaimer integrates with your email system through Microsoft 365 and provides central management for all of your company’s email signatures.

It means that if you send an email from your smartphone, your full professional signature will be added to the email.

It also means that you can design and control the signatures for your entire organisation with a few simple clicks.

Gone are the days of relying on people to change their own signatures in Outlook or having to log into 25 different Outlook accounts to make changes.

In my eyes, email signatures are an extra way to advertise and market your business. In addition to the standard – and critical – contact details, you can also add details of new products or services so that every email you send out is another opportunity to grow your business.

If you would like to hear more about this, please get in touch.

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