Could Dual Monitors improve your productivity?

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In a regular workplace environment, it isn’t unusual to see certain workers with two, three, even four screens. Does it make sense for the regular computer user or even employee to have more than one? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons so you can decide if having a dual monitor setup could increase your productivity.

The Pros of A Dual Monitor Set Up

Time Saving

Having dual monitors could potentially mean saving time. In certain professions where specific tasks must be completed, it may be easier to open certain applications on one screen while looking at something else on another screen. Dual monitors can be especially great for designers who often use multiple platforms simultaneously. This makes the juggling act more productive and far less painful!

Potential Increase In Productivity

With a dual monitor set up, there’s a reported increase of an average of 42% when looking at multiple displays. As a business owner or even a freelancer, this could increase ROI by thousands of pounds each year. It is also reported that dual monitors could give you a 20% decrease in errors.

Easier To Share Data Between Applications

With a dual monitor set up sharing data between applications could be more streamlined than before. Switching back and forth between the various windows on your PC can be a huge hindrance. It’s a drain on your productivity and tedious to say the least.

If you’re working on something complex, such as analysis or some code of some kind, then it can be even more painful. Having two monitors can make it easier to perform side by side comparisons, keep an eye on emails, and even keep an eye on social if you want to prioritize customer interaction.
Using programs simultaneously with dual monitors allows for smoother data sharing overall.

Superior Online Training

Online training is something that most professionals will take on at some point, as it’s so easy to do at your own pace and in your own time. With two screens, you can use your second screen to view training videos or tutorials on one side of the workspace, and use the other side for completing the various exercises that the course requires. With one screen, an increased error rate can be expected, as well as more time needed to complete the course. With two, you should be able to complete a course in less time and with fewer errors.

Still Easy To Stay On The Move

Your laptop is likely used in numerous business settings. They are great for going back and forth between your home, meetings, coffee shops, and anywhere else you might like to work. However, the small monitor can be an issue for some. With dual monitors, you can have the best of both worlds. Take your laptop with you wherever you need to go, and then enjoy the benefits of a dual monitor when you’re at your workspace doing more important tasks that require more focus. Docking and undocking is easier than you might think.

The Cons of A Dual Monitor Set Up

More Potential For Distractions

Although dual monitors can help us to increase our productivity, it can also be a huge distraction. Without some kind of resistance to distraction a second screen could definitely hinder productivity rather than help it. If you’re addicted to checking your emails, social feeds, and other platforms that don’t have a lot to do with work, you should probably avoid getting a dual monitor.

Potential Lack Of Resources

Then, there are the potential lack of resources for a second monitor. The video card your current system uses will need to be divided by each display, and depending on the systems you’re running you may notice that things move a little slower.

Less Desk Space

There’s also the obvious issue of having less desk space with a dual monitor set up. You may need to purchase a larger desk, or at least have a clear out and rearrange a few things if space is an issue. Definitely something to consider before investing in a bid to increase productivity.

Too Much Space

Too much space can even be a problem if you decide to go for another monitor. If you have two monitors, and they are widescreen, you may need to resize viewing windows to optimize your display. You could potentially end up doing this more often than you’d like. Many users who have a smaller screen find that things fit better into the windows in a more usable manner.

Ultimately, whether a dual monitor set up increases your productivity can be down to you as an individual and the work you do day to day.

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