What Is Included In Microsoft 365’s Business Premium?

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Microsoft 365 Business Premium is full of beneficial features for any small business. 

Microsoft 365 comes in many different options which you can choose from depending on your business needs. We recommend Microsoft 365 Business Premium to anyone who asks us. 

Microsoft 365 is $22.00 per user per month, or for UK users, it is £16.60 per month. These prices are for annual commitments. For this price, you can get many IT products included within the licence.


The first feature to note is the 50GB mailbox for outlook. Everyone needs email, which is an integral part of the business. Any data on Microsoft 365 mailboxes sits on Microsoft servers rather than hardware in the office. With a Microsoft 365 email address, there is a limited backup function, so you have some protection. A 50 MG mailbox is quite big, and along with your mailbox, you also receive ‘Exchange Online Protection. This helps to protect you against spam, viruses and malware as well as other online threats. 

The next feature that is included is the ability to use Microsoft Office applications.  This includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. Microsoft Office will also be available to be downloaded on up to five different devices. 

Microsoft Teams is another available feature, and if you don’t know what Teams is, you must’ve been living under a rock for the past 3 years! It includes online video conferencing, chatting with colleagues, phone calls, and you can even hold webinars. In terms of workplace collaboration, Teams is where the magic is. 

So, where do you store your files and folders? With Microsoft 365 Business premium, you do not have to use your Hard Drive or the servers in the office. 1 TB is provided to you with their cloud storage, and your data can easily be accessed via a web browser or on your PC via OneDrive sync.

Business Standard Vs Business Premium


Now, I’ve told you some of the great features of business premium, but these features also are available in Microsoft 365 Business standard.

Business Standard is $12.50 per user per month or £9.40 in the UK. This is 40% less than Business Premium. So, what’s the difference? There are six features offered within Business Premium that are NOT offered in Business Standard. 

  • Online Email Archives 

This assists with email hoarders, compliance purposes and those who hate deleting emails. Business premium offers 1.5 TB for online email archives. 

  • Defender for Business 

This feature includes Antivirus, antimalware and ransomware protection. For your computers and laptops. 3rd party products can still be used instead of the defender for business, such as SOFOS or HEIMDAL, but with the defender for business, you can manage and report it all from your Microsoft 365. 

  • Defend For Office 365

This security feature builds on Exchange online protection. It includes safe attachments and safe links.  Secure attachments scan any attachments you receive via email before you receive them yourself. Any attachments that seem dodgy will be stripped from the email. Safe links are the same idea except for Hyperlinks. Any suspicious links are stripped from the email after being tested. Advanced protection against phishing attacks is also Included. Most Cyber attacks begin with emails, so Defender for Office 365 is a must. 

  • Microsoft Azure

Have you ever looked into using Microsoft Azure? Well, business premium offers all of the licensing for the virtual desktop. And if you don’t know what Azure is, it is a complete cloud desktop found online on a webpage and is ideal for companies using the Bring Your Own Device (BOYD) policy. 


  • Intune

This product is a bit of a beast. This product can be used for company devices such as mobile phones. These devices will come within the original package but with the company’s branding and applications already pre-installed. This product also uses conditional access policies. 

  • Azure Information Protection

This controls access to information and data as well as classifying your information and data based on sensitivity. From there, you can control access to the data, even when it’s offline. This can help stop people from forwarding emails, printing documents as well as hiding areas of a screenshot and setting permissions on files. 

Business Premium is packed full of features. We believe that Premium is worth the extra 40% mainly because otherwise, you are missing out o a lot of fantastic security features, and as you know, we love to have secure It. 

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