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Any business operating in this modern world will fail to stay competitive if it ignores technological advancements. For small and mid-sized companies, hiring a team of IT employees does not fit with their budgetary constraints. When it comes to IT support for small businesses, Integral IT offers the best solution.

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6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs IT Support

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Professional IT Support Boosts Business Capabilities

Your business’s success depends on experienced and highly-skilled IT professionals. You need their expertise for:

  • Hardware choice and installation
  • Best apps and systems for efficient productivity
  • Advanced security in place to prevent data loss and breaches
  • Back-ups and safety protocols to keep operations flowing

Both hardware and software installations for businesses include more advanced methods than clicking a few buttons. Technology only works to your benefit if it’s installed and setup correctly. Shortcuts may cause malfunctions, security breaches, and minimise its effectiveness and lifespan. Instead, choose hardware, software, and security systems installation by a trained professional.

  • Enjoy longer use times and more cost-effective solutions over time with proper installation.
  • Decrease downtime due to less faults, delays, and errors to improve overall productivity.
  • Avoid chaos and stress because everything is professionally done for you. Trained and responsible IT professionals install, maintain, and improve your business's day-to-day and long-term function.

Enjoy longer use times and more cost-effective solutions over time with proper installation.


Decrease downtime due to less faults, delays, and errors to improve overall productivity.


Avoid chaos and stress because everything is professionally done for you. Trained and responsible IT professionals install, maintain, and improve your business’s day-to-day and long-term function.


Budget-Friendly IT Business Support for Small Business

Integral IT works with companies of diverse sizes, industries, and budgets. Our customised approach to every client allows us to support their quest for increased productivity, growth, and security.

Choose from our monthly subscription or pay-per-service contract options based on your firm’s specific needs. No matter which you choose, we offer fully transparent pricing without any surprises.

Each contract type includes our quick-response service, which ensures that you get the business IT support you need when you need it with no delay or hassles. Our offers include equipment installation and maintenance, software management, security, and backup plans. Choose one service or subscribe to all of them for maximum peace of mind.

The Integral IT Guarantee

Your success is our ultimate goal. Every member of our IT team takes personal pride in the work we do here and align our efforts with you success.

  • Never wait more than one hour for a response about your IT problems. We strive to eliminate interruptions in your service.
  • Get clear, plain language explanations and information about everything. We understand the techy jargon may cause clarity issues, so we will never use it with you.
  • We provide affordable, transparent pricing in plans suitable for companies both large a small. Even solopreneurs can start out with pro-level IT services to help growth.

Integral IT is Small Business Friendly

We specialise in small business IT services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Every company has technology in the form of computers, mobile devices, and more these days. Things can go wrong, so you need competent and available small business IT support. They help your business run smoothly, overcome obstacles, and solve technical problems quickly.

In some ways, taking care of the IT side of your business is like maintaining a vehicle. Your car needs regular servicing so it stays safe, reliable, and efficient. If you never got an oil change, replaced the tires, or did any of the other upgrades it needs, you might end up on the side of the road stranded.

In business, if you do not keep up with your computers and tech systems, you run the risk of everything grinding to a halt, losing data, or worst of all, experiencing a security breach. If you wait until a problem happens, it may cost more and cause more time off work than you expect. A broken down car is a few hours of annoyance and a big bill. A broken down company could spell disaster. Avoid it with a business IT support contract.

This question has no definitive answer. Every company's needs are different. How many computers do you have? How much do you rely on them? Both large companies and individual consultants can get the job done right. However, if you go with a single tech, availability may become an issue. After all, no single person can work 24/7 every day of the year.

Unfortunately, every industry has businesses run or staffed by incompetent people, and IT is no different. Perhaps a firm lacks true leadership and organization. Maybe a small business IT support freelancer does not have the education and training necessary to take care of a whole office full of computers. The last thing you want is a 'tinkerer' who thinks they know everything because they rebooted their home computer and connected to WiFi.

Even if you choose a larger, established business, you may still run into problems if they do not keep up with the latest tech advances. With today's high speed of innovation and development, no one can rest on their laurels in this industry. Would you call a plumber who still used lead pipes? Or an electrician that wanted to install home fuses? When it comes to hiring an IT company, ask for recent Microsoft and other system qualifications.

Remote IT servicing occurs frequently these days. The technician connects directly to your system online and control everything as if they had their hands on your keyboard and mouse directly. This means that you perhaps could choose an IT company halfway around the world. However, preparing for any potential issue makes contracting with a local service provider much more sensible. After all, if you have an emergency situation, getting someone who knows what they're doing on hand may make all the difference. When you find the best team near your place of business, forge an ongoing professional relationship with them.

IT support for small businesses may cost anywhere along a broad scaled based on how large your company is, how many computers or systems you operate, whether you just want regular maintenance, or need emergency help with a massive problem. An acceptable average falls somewhere in the £40.00 – £80.00 range per IT user in office. Therefore, if you employ 25 people, your contract would have a monthly cost around £1000 – £2000.

If you currently spend more than this on your IT needs, I would suggest shopping around and getting some new quotes. Chances are you could save a bit of money off your monthly expenses and thus increase profits. If you are, however, spending quite a bit less than this, it might warrant a question about why the prices are below market average by so much. Quality technicians with proper training, the latest technological equipment, and effective processes cost money, which is passed along to you by the IT team.

If someone selling a "like new" Mercedes offered it to you for £500, you would just know there must big problems they are not telling you about. If your IT company quotes a price of £250 for a 25-person office, you should have the same misgivings. Remember too that an IT service provider must have more clients, and if they are getting the same prices, they could be responsible for hundreds of users for £10-£20 each. No one can hire quality technicians for those prices.

Although some may say they give comprehensive contracts, not everything gets included in one price. Read the fine print of any agreement before you sign and pay. Usually, the following things will bring extra charges.

  • New devices and programs require separate purchases.
  • Non-remote services and physical office visits will have extra costs associated with the time and travel necessary. These generally initiate a separate invoice because they are not regular occurrences.
  • Comprehensive installations and IT projects that are outside the bounds of regular maintenance and upgrades also cost more than your monthly bill. This can include new computer installations, moving all equipment to a new office, and similar one-off events.

Always ask your service company what is included, what is not, and how you will get an invoice. If the firm appears to avoid giving you specific information, that puts up a red flag.

IT support for small business is about a lot more than software updates and peripheral installations. The primary consideration about quality comes from customer service, open communication, and the time they spend ensuring no problems arise that interrupts your company function. Good communication does not depend on frequency, but instead on how effective it is overall.

Expect monthly reports that clearly outline what you get for your contract subscription fee. The best IT businesses average around one problem per two users each month. So, in that office with 50 employees using computer systems, you should have no more than 25 issues.

The majority of IT contracts include Service Level Agreements or SLAs. These designate how much time the company has to respond anytime you need them. An SLA could state that they have to fix issues remotely within four hours, for example.

While SLAs are important for expectations of good service, other things like communication also matter. A short SLA is only as good as the service a company provides. Consider this example. You head into the office on a Monday to find that the computers will not start up due to a server issue. With a four-hour SLA in place, the IT team could show up as late as 1:00 p.m. and still honour the contract. This seriously impacts your ability to get any work done.

Contacts are one thing, but customer expectations and excellent service are another thing entirely. Ideally, you notify the IT company at 9:00 a.m. about the issue, and they have a technician working on it within a few minutes.

Too many people hang on to their IT company even when they do not provide the best service anymore or when compared with other options. As long as the contract terms allow, switching to a new one should pose no problem. Do not make excuses like, "Well, they installed our system so they know it best." People not involved with the IT world sometimes find it confusing and a bit nerve-wracking to switch to someone new. The truth is that high-quality, professional IT providers can learn a new system and possibly make it better without much trouble.

If you have trouble communication with your current service company, are not comfortable with some of the contract terms, or simply feel like you are not getting enough attention or assistance, definitely look for a new opportunity. Just make sure you get all system setup and security information first. Some IT companies try to keep this information away from you, but, as the network belongs to you, all that information is yours.

Absolutely! A quality tech company should give you the opportunity to try out their services before you sign a contract. If you do sign up, double check for a 'release of contract' clause after one or three months. This way, you can determine if they provide quality assistance that benefits your business first.

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