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There are so many different ways in which you can design your business IT that it can often get confusing. You can still have IT infrastructure based solely in your office, move everything to the cloud or the more popular option, using a mixture of both.

Integral IT advised us that a migration across to the cloud would be a savvy move for our business and it certainly has been. The benefits have been multiple and immediate. Not only can our team access their full desktops from any location, whether that’s working from home or on train journeys to and from client meetings, but we now have immediate access to files and documents in meetings.

Nick Price, Partner, EuraAudit UK

What are the Benefits of Cloud Computing?

There are multiple benefits in moving part or all of your IT services to the cloud. The way you pay for your IT changes from upfront capital expenditure to a monthly subscription. The cost model can help you budget more effectively. Not many businesses like to waste. By using the cloud for your IT, your business is free to grow or shrink as it needs to.

The main advantage is security. Microsoft continues to invest billions of pounds in securing their cloud platform every year. Your business will be very secure.


Cloud Services by Integral IT

Integral IT is a Microsoft partner, and we recommend that our clients use the Microsoft cloud for their IT services. Since its launch in 2011, it has continued to evolve and today is the most-used cloud services solution for businesses in the world.

The Microsoft cloud comes in two different flavours: Office 365 and Microsoft Azure.

Office 365 is a suite of applications and services installed and delivered through the Microsoft cloud.

You will be familiar with lots of these services already. Microsoft has shifted some of them from your network and made them available in the cloud.

What are the commonly used services available in Office 365?

  • Microsoft Exchange – a robust email system.
  • Microsoft Office software (Including Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint)
  • Document Storage – rather than storing your files and folders on a server, you can store them in the cloud.
  • Microsoft Teams – a new, fast-growing collaboration tool.

So, if your business has reasonably simple IT needs, Office 365 is all you need. You will get an email system, files storage and collaboration all delivered through a single per user/per month pricing model.

If your IT is slightly more advanced, then you can use Office 365 in conjunction with Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Azure

Your business might have an application, CRM system or database that you need to run your business.

In the past, you have always needed a server installed in your offices. You’ve got to buy new hardware, get an IT company to support it and make sure it’s kept secure. All this costs you money each month.

That can all change with Microsoft Azure. Instead of buying a server for your office, you can effectively rent a software server from Microsoft and pay for it monthly. No hardware is getting older by the day and all for one monthly payment.

You can still run your business application but from the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Microsoft Azure offers lots of other services that can benefit your business.


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No. Office 365 is a simple monthly commitment that you can cancel at anytime.

The email system works exactly the same. You will still use Outlook and everything will be familiar.

There are certain aspects of Office 365 that might be a little different but you will soon get used to them.

Yes, we do. We will train everyone in your business before we move you to Office 365.

We do find that lots of our new customers who are already using Office 365 still have questions on various Office 365 topics. We offer training for existing Office 365 users too.

Your data will be stored in one of Microsoft’s data centres here in the UK.

Your IT provider simply manages your Office 365 or Microsoft Azure. They don’t own anything and are not entitled to anything ownership. The data belongs to you. If you move IT provider, it’s very easy to transfer the management of your Microsoft cloud services to another provider.

It can all be transferred over. All of your past emails, calendars, contacts and files/folders can easily be transferred to Office 365.

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