Business Continuity

We talk to business owners and senior management daily. They all have concerns about IT. They realise that IT is a critical part of their business, and without it, their business would fail quickly.

“What happens if we have a cyber-attack?”
“What happens if our data is lost?”
“What happens if we have a major systems failure?”

All of these concerns and sleepless nights fade away with a good backup and disaster recovery plan. A good backup plan is an insurance policy, that’s all. It means that if something does happen, you’ll be OK.


“We started working with Integral IT several years ago when we were in need of more specialist IT help. Our company has grown rapidly, and we needed an IT company who could design and implement an IT system which would grow with us. We’ve been delighted with our partnership with Integral IT. The implementation of a company network, servers, backup and operational IT model has been was seamless and provides great flexibility and peace of mind. The ongoing support is phenomenal and extremely responsive. I would recommend Integral to anyone.

Neil May, CEO, iPortalis

What is Backup and Disaster Recovery?

Backup and Disaster Recovery are two different things. People often confuse them, but the difference between them is critical to your business.

A backup takes a copy of your data and stores it somewhere else; that place might be an external hard drive or a cloud service.

If you ever need that data, then it would need to be “restored”; back to where it was. A data restore might sound simple, but if you had ransomware and you had to restore 500GB of data from a cloud service; then this could take days to complete. Could you be without your IT for days?

Disaster Recovery (DR) is different. It takes a full snapshot (like a photograph) of your entire working system. If you ever need that snapshot because of a system failure or a cyber-attack, you can utilise it often within minutes.

The difference between these two approaches is cost. Before deciding whether your business needs backup or disaster recovery, the question you need to ask is this; how long could your business continue to operate without the use of its IT system?


Integral IT has partnered with Datto

We want the very best solutions for our customers, and that is why we have partnered with Datto.

Datto backup and disaster recovery solutions help to:

  • Protect your business from ransomware
  • Prepare your business for IT disasters
  • Provide affordable solutions
  • Give you peace of mind

Office 365 needs to have a Backup

The majority of small businesses in the UK have now made a move to Office 365. It’s a fantastic system which has the flexibility every business needs.

Unfortunately, people believe that just because their email system and data are cloud-based, that they can forget all about backup and disaster recovery.

This isn’t true. This misconception could cause a massive problem for your business.

Microsoft themselves recommend that a 3rd party backup is in place for every business using Office 365. Microsoft has made this a part of their licensing.

Microsoft does not protect your data against cyber-attacks, malicious data removal or human error.

Your server backup and disaster recovery

If you have a physical server inside of your business, then you have a choice to make. Do you want to back it up? Or do you need disaster recovery?

Integral IT recommends that all business have a robust backup and at least a basic disaster recovery system.

Disaster recovery used to be a service that only big businesses had. However, technology has moved on, and our disaster recovery plans are cost-effective for most businesses.

This service could save your business from catastrophe.


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No. This system is common amongst small businesses, but it relies on human intervention. What is someone forgets to take the USB hard drive home and you have an IT disaster?

It’s only a problem if your business can cope without your IT systems for a couple of days. If not, then it is a problem.

It is like having a basic level of home insurance. The monthly payments are cheaper, but when you have a major incident at home, you wish you’d paid a little bit more each month to have better cover.

Every IT company should carry out a backup and disaster recovery test at least twice per year. As a business owner or part of senior management, you should be part of that testing.

There are so many examples where IT have thought that the backups were robust, but when they were needed, the backups weren’t working correctly.

Don’t fall into this way of thinking.

You are responsible for your own data, no matter where it is stored and a third party backup should always be in place.

We use Datto, which is a premium backup solution. Our server backups and disaster recovery plans start from £100.00 per server/per month.

Our third-party Office 365 backup costs just £2.50 per Office 365 user/per month

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