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Server Support

Robust Security + Zero Downtime

Servers are critical to the running of your company. If they’re infected with ransomware or suffer from a hardware fault, then your business IT systems can grind to a halt.

The threat of cyber-attacks is growing. Cyber criminals want to cause as much damage as possible. They don’t mind if your organisation is large or small. Just recently, the NHS was brought to its knees because of poor IT support on servers.

Server Support Designed to Protect your Business

Robust Anti-Virus

Every Windows device needs robust anti-virus software to help protect itself from viruses, malware, and ransomware. All our Server Support plans include ESET anti-virus software.


Weekly Security Updates

Every week, Microsoft release software updates which are critical to the security of your servers. Often businesses don’t install these as quickly as they should. This means that lots of servers are left in a vulnerable condition. Integral IT schedule the installation of these updates on a weekly basis.

Ransomware Protected

If your organisation is infected with Ransomware, then the only way to recover is to restore your data from backup. We recommend that the Servers in your business use our Ransomware Protected backup from Datto. It’s Ransomware protected because we can simply ‘roll back’ if you get infected. Setup and storage fees apply.


Zero Downtime

By implementing our Datto Disaster Recovery solution with our Server Support, we can guarantee that your servers will continue to run in the event that your business suffers an ‘IT disaster’.

Your servers are continuously replicating to our secure data centre. Our software takes a continuous mirror backup. If the system board in your server breaks and your server stops working, we can simply start using the replicated version in our data centre. Your business won’t see any impact.

Unlimited Remote Support

All our server support plans include Unlimited Remote Support. This makes it much easier for you to budget your IT support costs.

Guaranteed Fix Times

How dependent on IT is your business? Each server support plan has a different guaranteed fix time. This means that we guarantee any issue will be resolved within a certain time frame. You can choose between 4, 6 or 8 hours. In reality, most issues are resolved much quicker than that.

Choose your Support Hours

Is your business open during business hours or does it operate 24/7? Either way, we have a Server Support plan to suit. You can choose between normal business hours, extended business hours or full 24/7 support.

Hardware Monitoring

We install a small piece of software on each of your servers. This monitors all aspects of your server and continuously reports back to our experienced server team. If we spot a small issue that has the potential to grow bigger, then we can resolve it immediately without it impacting the business.
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