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We were approached several years ago by the recruitment firm Renovo Group. The company had an innovative approach to IT and were early adopters of cloud computing, enjoying in particular, the benefit of not having an on-site server as well as the cost model of cloud computing which spread the costs and avoided the need for large-scale investment in hardware.

Despite Renovo’s engagement with cloud solutions, they quickly became disengaged with it, largely owing to the fact that they were not getting maximum benefit and efficiencies from their existing setup.

The business wanted something that was more sophisticated, could match their growing requirements, was secure and compatible with their CRM system and other recruitment applications.

Part of Integral IT’s remit was to install a new, dedicated internet line – with a team of 20 people the existing set up could barely meet demand – this was an important first step in making a more efficient solution.

Once the line was installed the CRM system, ITRIS Recruitment, which was pivotal to the business, was moved across to the new cloud offering followed by all email and applications.

The IT operations also had to meet rigorous security checks owing to several key contracts with public sector providers, needless to say, it passed with flying colours on every occasion.

In a nutshell, the new cloud solution provided the Renovo with several key benefits;

  • As a recruitment business candidate information was the company’s lifeblood. Tightly defined access profiles (via the cloud solution) for each member of staff ensured that if employees did move on it would be much harder for them to take any sensitive data with them.
  • The cloud solution integrated easily with the existing software application such as ITRIS Recruitment.
  • The cost structure of cloud computing meant that a major hardware investment wasn’t necessary and costly upgrades could be avoided.
  • Mobility and flexibility, something we take for granted now, cloud solutions offer excellent flexibility meaning that Renovo staff could lay their hands on company information remotely, increasing efficiency for consultants who spent much of their time out interviewing candidates.

Technology is vital to our business. The majority of our services are distance based, delivered via a common service platform consisting of next generation technology. We frequently communicate with clients online in the form of group workshops and webinars. It was essential that we appointed a provider ...Read More

Chris Parker

Chris Parker