Harrogate Language Academy

The Harrogate Language Academy, (now CES) is a well recognised institution that teaches foreign students English.


All the Academy’s courses are run from the main building in the centre of Harrogate, however the historic business was operating with extremely outdated IT hardware and software systems. There was a real and urgent need to upgrade the IT to meet the growing dependence on computer systems for both its students and the administration of the academy.


Integral IT guided and advised the academy who lacked IT expertise and helped them to overhaul the IT requirements in the most cost effective, scalable and practical way, maximising both their business and educational needs.

Having opened a second centre in Leeds the most obvious solution was to move away from a server based system to cloud computing, allowing the company to avoid major investment in IT infrastructure. In addition, the cloud presented one of the most flexible options for the company facilitating the easy sharing of records, course materials and other data.

Thin clients were installed, these lightweight computers, specifically built for connecting to a cloud-based server, removed the need for costly and regular virus protection or maintenance and enjoyed a lifetime warranty.

Now all the Academy’s courses are run from the main building in the centre of Harrogate. with a self access centre with computers, internet and email access, audio and listening equipment and a library, facilitating a better learning environment and more efficient administration processes.

We hadn’t really considered moving our IT over to the cloud, but with two centres and a large number of students we quickly realised that it made sense, and the benefits have been impressive. Now our teachers can instantly access and print learning materials from laptops in the classroom. And the ...Read More

Kirsten Henry

Kirsten Henry
Harrogate Language Academy