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Companies are being targeted by cyber attacks around every 39 seconds, yet only 23% of businesses actually have an incident plan in place.

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Every business that uses the Internet is responsible for creating a culture of security that will enhance business and consumer confidence.

"It's so refreshing to work with an IT team who have a "can-do" attitude. I love it when you guys push the boundaries for what can be done with Microsoft 365. Our recent review of our licensing has saved the business over 21% in annual costs and increased our security. And best of all, you have shown us how to automate and create apps quickly and easily. This has had a massive impact on our business."

Tim Jackson

IT Manager,  Jameson Animal Feeds

Tim Jackson

What does cyber security mean for you?

Effective cyber security methods can be defined as a collective approach across software, technological equipment, programs, devices and networks to keep the functionality of equipment, systems and data safe.

To create a successful defence, particularly for businesses, employees, technology and procedures must be harmonised and work together to protect the organisation. More than ever, it’s essential that cyber security is practised and understood by all employees within businesses.

Why Choose Integral IT?
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"The team at Integral have, as their name suggests, become an 'Integral' part of our business. They're always on hand to support with both basic IT issues and more complex large scale projects and infrastructure challenges."

Tom Ward

GC Motors

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  • VPN Security
  • Cyber Essentials 
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