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Computer Support

Powerful Security + Rapid Response

Your team rely heavily on technology to be productive and do their jobs. Time spent without a working computer is money wasted.

One of the growing concerns is cybercrime. Just a short time ago, the NHS computer system was brought to its knees due to a cybercrime. These threats are real and could hinder your business.

All our computer support plans are designed to help prevent your business from becoming a victim of cybercrime. How do we do this?

Computer Support Designed to Keep Your Business Running

Robust Anti-Virus

Too many businesses use ineffective anti-virus software, or worse, none at all. Each of our computer support plans includes powerful ESET anti-virus software. We’re ESET experts and with the help of this sophisticated software, can help keep your computers safe.


Weekly Security Updates

Microsoft release security updates every week. These updates are Microsoft’s response to Cybercrime. The updates ‘patch’, or fix any security flaws within Microsoft’s products. When Microsoft release these updates, they must be installed quickly. Our expert team installs these updates behind the scenes on a weekly basis to ensure that your business is fully up to date.

Combine with Server Support

Our Computer Support can be combined with our Server Support giving your business a full Managed IT Support Contract.

Rapid Response

Computer problems do happen. When they do, it’s critical for your business that they’re fixed quickly. Our rapid response support plans will help you get it working back in no time.


Rapid Response

All our computer support plans feature a guaranteed 1-hour response. This means that a trained engineer will be working on your issue within only 60 mins.


Guaranteed Fix Times

Considering your dependency on IT, you can choose a guaranteed fix time which suits your business. The options are 4, 6 or 8 hours. In reality, all of our issues are fixed well within those time frames.

Unlimited Remote Support

We make it easy for you to budget for your IT support costs. All of our computer support plans include Unlimited Remote Support.

Choose your Support Hours

Does your business operate 24/7? Or perhaps you open your doors at 08:00 and if you have an IT problem then, you have to wait until your IT company opens at 09:00? It’s a common problem. With our computer support plans, you can choose the hours of support your business needs from normal business hours, extended business hours of full 24/7.

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