Cloud Traders


We were contacted in January 2016 by local IT company Cloud Traders. A supplier of cloud software solutions, the business which sources and consolidates multi-vendor Cloud ICT Services requirements had experienced rapid success, outgrowing their existing IT requirements.

The business, which had ambitious growth plans needed to increase their IT infrastructure from 4 to 25 users in a 12 to 18month period.

A priority was to ensure that their IT infrastructure was more professional and scalable, allowing them to expand without technical growing pains. Planning for future IT requirements at the outset would avoid unnecessary and difficult upgrades further down the line.


As a business with a need for more then 5 computers the natural solution was to supply and install a central server which provided the following benefits;

  • Creating a networked environment made it easier for staff to manage their workload more efficiently. They were able to access and share files and information, quickly and securely.
  • The management of IT became simpler. Previously passwords were independent to each computer – meaning if someone left then there was a good chance nobody would know the password. The new network ensured that password administration and updates such as virus software were managed and kept up to date simultaneously throughout the company.
  • Back ups became automatic, greatly reducing the risk of losing valuable client information and files through deletion or corruption.

In addition to installing a server we recommended and assisted with;

  • The Installation of a robust onsite and cloud backup system, providing superior protection of company data.
  • Upgraded to enterprise specific anti-virus software to protect the business from external threats.


Our ongoing IT support service contract ensures the business’s IT requirements are constantly met and the IT infrastructure is working at maximum performance. We’re constantly monitoring both the server and PC’s, ensuring backups are functional and that systems are up to date.

We also provide a prompt, personal support service for staff who experience error messages or require trainings with regular ‘in-house’ visits.