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Cloud Storage You Can Trust

Locally Based Storage On Any Device

Cloud Storage

The ability to share your files and syncing them with your own and others is what every business needs to thrive, whether it’s a single entrepreneur, a group of friends or family, or multi-level corporations operating globally. If you do not have a secure method for sharing and storing files, you end up with files, documents, and photos stored on multiple devices, none of which are backed up. Losing valuable data is easy to do, especially with multiple copies traveling from one user to another.

In business, files are constantly shared during the collaborative process; without a secure method to share and work on files, chaos ensues, with multiple copies of modified files that can easily end up in the hands of someone who doesn’t need to see them. Many have discovered Dropbox, but while it can be a useful tool, it has definite limitations.

  • The majority of people using Dropbox are relying on the free version, which  lacks security features.
  • The free version does not have Advanced File Protection, which safeguards password protected links, and provides links with expiration dates.
  • There is no support for the free version. Essentially, you get what you pay for: nothing.
  • Out of the estimated 500,000,000 users of Dropbox, only about 150,000 of these are paying business users. With over 300 million instances of data being stolen last year alone, security is a must for cloud storage.
  • If you lose your device, whoever finds it has access to your files, unless you have a remote wipe feature. This allows you to erase documents on the device remotely, and it is only available on the paid business version of Dropbox. This is also a good feature to have if an employee leaves your business.

Cloud Storage You Can Trust

We have an excellent cloud storage system that has the security every business needs, without the Dropbox drawbacks.

  • Reasonably priced. Our cloud storage system is less expensive than Dropbox for Business and provides a better solution for your storage needs.
  • Extra Secure. Our cloud storage system is stored in ISO27001 data centres in the UK. Remote Wipe and 2-factor authentication features protect your data, keeping your files extra secure.
  • Collaborate efficiently with Team Shares, where multiple people can see the same folders. This can actually replace your in-house file server, a major money saver for smaller companies.
  •  A built-in mechanism in the software backs up your laptop and stores documents securely, adding another layer of protection for your data.
  • Ease of access. Your files are accessible on any device, including PC’s, Mac’s, smartphones and tablets.
  • UK based. Many of our business customers need UK based storage for compliance and peace of mind.
  • The service has a 99.99% uptime guarantee which is backed by a business class Service Level Agreement.
  • 50 GB account/£8 per month per user, less than the cost of Dropbox for Business.

Conduct business securely knowing that your files are easy to access and safely stored with our cloud storage.

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