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Cloud Computing for Small Businesses

Big savings

We typically save our customers around 25% on their overall IT costs by moving them to cloud computing. As a small business owner, this isn’t to be sniffed at.

Less equipment

Moving to the cloud means your business doesn’t need expensive hardware and software in your offices. This is one less things for you to worry about.

Tailored to your needs

There are hundreds of cloud products in the marketplace. Which one is right for you depends on a whole host of factors. We’ll get to know your business and recommend the cloud computing that fits your business.

Yorkshire based servers

You might need your data to reside within the UK for compliance or just because you prefer it that way. We have our own cloud servers based here in Yorkshire so we can provide local cloud if needed.

Integral advised us that a migration across to cloud computing would be a savvy move for our business and it certainly has been. The benefits have been multiple and immediate. The transition felt a bit like a step into the unknown but Jonathan and his team at Integral made the transition straightforward and were on hand to sort out any issues every step of the way.

Nick Price

Partner, EuraAudit UK

The end result for us is that our team can now work from home, or from any location, with full flexibility and have access to all the business’s shared documents, enabling us to work more efficiently.

Brian Kirby

System Director, JCT 600 Contracts

What use Integral for cloud computing?


First we need to understand how your business works and which cloud products would benefit you. Moving to the cloud isn’t a tick in a box, it needs to provide real benefits to you. We’ll work with you to choose with right products.


If not planned correctly, your move to the cloud can end up a real mess and cause a massive disruption to your business. We’ll work hard to plan your cloud move. We ensure nothing falls through the cracks.


It’s usually better to move your business to the cloud over a weekend or a public holiday. This will ensure that any impact to your business is limited. We’ve got tonnes of experience in installing cloud solutions for businesses just like yours.


You’ve got the right cloud solution and it’s installed and working well for your business. We can then provide ongoing support to your business. We can act as the go between to you and your cloud supplier and also support your local network.

How can cloud computing help your business?

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