Caught in the Crosshairs


Free paperback IT security book for the owners of small businesses in Yorkshire.

  • You’ll learn why every Yorkshire business is under dual attack from both hacks and the government…and what you can do about it
  • What are the give main risks to your business? Plus, what is the sixth and BIGGEST risk to your firm?
  • How to protect your business, become more productive and essentially to make more money.

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Jonathan Edwards

Jonathan founded Integral IT back in 2006. Since then there have been countless changes in the way people do business, from social media marketing to new data protection laws and the ability to work remotely from pretty much anywhere in the world.

Our team has grown to meet the demands of local businesses, and today we’re proud to be able to call ourselves one of the most trusted and successful providers of IT support services in the North of England.


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It's the best way for you to learn about Jonathan, and what Integral IT can do to help you with your business IT systems.

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