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What is Two Factor Authentication?

What is Two Factor Authentication?   One of the easiest, cheapest and best ways to increase your IT security is to use something called 2FA – or two-factor authentication.   2FA is also known as MFA (multi-factor authentication) or OTP (one-time password).   What does 2FA do?   Two-factor authentication adds a second layer of […]

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What is a VPN?

In this guide, I will explain what a VPN is and what it does in a non-technical way.   Before we talk about what a VPN does, it might be helpful to explain what problem a VPN cures.

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What happens after Windows 7?

Windows 7 is now approaching its 10th birthday, and Microsoft has announced that it will become end-of-life (EOL) on 14th January 2020. What will happen on 14th January 2020? If you’re using a Windows 7 computer after this date, then nothing visible will happen.

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