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What is Phishing? How can you Prevent it?

According to a survey, last year alone 94% of businesses reported that it had experienced a phishing attack.  Add to this that phishing attacks are one of the favourite routes into your business for a cyber-criminal. The majority of ransomware attacks start with a successful phishing attack.

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What is a Windows Virtual Desktop?

Back in September of 2019, Microsoft released a new product called Windows Virtual Desktop.  In my opinion, Windows Virtual Desktop will be the product that most businesses will use in the next few years. I think it will have a similar adoption rate as Office 365. But what is a Windows Virtual Desktop (or WVD […]

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Does your Business still need a Server?

There is a question that I get asked a lot by customers, especially when they’re looking to refresh their IT systems – do we need a Server in the office? It is 2020 after-all. Have we got to the point where everything can be cloud-based? Before we get into the nitty-gritty of whether we need […]

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