How Bitlocker Can Protect your Business Data

How Bitlocker Can Protect your Business Data

According to a recent survey a laptop is lost or stolen every 53 seconds. 

That is a lot of lost laptops!

Whilst people always think that the value of a laptop comes from the physical device, it’s not uncommon for the data on the laptop to be uploaded and sold online. Your business data is worth more to a hacker than the laptop itself. 

If your business data did get into the wrong hands, then you’d have a serious data breach on your hands. 

Here is another scary stat about laptops. 

86% of IT personnel reported that someone in their organisation had a laptop lost or stolen, 56% of those same IT people reported that it led to a data breach. 

So proof that this type of thing does happen. 

Due to Covid, lots of people are now working from home permanently or at least more flexible than they were before. More businesses are purchasing laptops for their team to replace the fixed desktop PC’s in the office. 

So protecting the data on those laptops should be one of your business priorities.

The good news is that you can do this for free using Microsoft Bitlocker feature. 

How does Bitlocker work?

Bitlocker is feature that is included free of charge as part of the Windows 10 Professional operating system.  It is not available in the Home versions of Windows 10.

Bitlocker secures all of the data on the hard drive by scrambling it so it can’t be read without a special recovery key that is generated when you turn Bitlocker on. 

You create the recovery key when you first encrypt your data. Without that recovery key, your data won’t be able to be accessed. 

That’s why, if your laptop is lost or stolen, the person won’t be able to access the data on the hard drive. 

Bitlocker is designed to be secure but also unobtrusive and is perfect for your business if you need to protect data on laptops or need that extra peace of mind.

What happens if I lose the recovery key?

Without the recovery key, you can’t access the data, so it’s really important that you take care when configuring Bitlocker. You can work with an IT support company who can configure your Bitlocker recovery keys to be stored safely in the cloud.